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    Edgar Cayce, The KGB and the Visitor God

The Ancients wanted to tell us something about our future and they laid down their prophesy in math, art and stone.  

The discoveries of Patrick Aesteii (Asti) and Team Psychic Six We Use Psychics and Satellites to locate ancient sites, treasure, and natural resources. We are an international team of remote viewers, dowsers, scientists and ground teams. Team Psychic Six was founded by Patrick Aesteii (Asti) in 1991 while he was studying Russian Remote Viewing Methods at the Involginsky Datsan in Russian Tibet near Lake Baikal. Our public discoveries are shown on this site 

The Ancient builders of the Giza Pyramid knew about the world circle the wall of the crow proves it.  Because it lines up perfectly with the world circle! 

                                If you do not understand what or who I am talking about there are links my report 

 When I was in Russia exploring the Tunguska region in 1991 I first heard about project Isis which was a 1961 project created by the KGB that shockingly discovered everything Edgar Cayce said about ancient Egypt and the Giza plateau was true. They found the Tomb of the Visitor God as well as the chamber under the Sphinx as well as the Orion connection to the pyramids and temples near the Nile River.  (all predicted by Cayce in the 20's and 30's) Now, they came to different conclusions than Edgar Cayce but in my opinion they did really find the alien body of a being called Hermes and that's when events took many strange turns which lead to a Giza Site Map that showed a tomb representing a yellow star much like our sun in the constellation of Orion was the home of a being Edgar Cayce said would become the Christ some 10,000 year later. My examination of the KGB films at the Moscow 1991 KGB yard sale left me feeling the film footage I viewed was real. The A.R.E. had no interest in my discovery and would not even print my information and proof in Venture Inwards. Now the Internet is catching up with me and anyone can watch the KGB films of the opening of the Tomb of the Visitor. I want to point that I believe the Gobekli Tepe site which has been dated by conventional sources at 12,500 years old also supports a location in Turkey where Ra Ta (an incarnation of Edgar Cayce) said he came from with an invading army into Khmet the black land of ancient Egypt. A site with a 120 Stonehenge size neolithic stone circles neatly and intentionally buried in sand 12,500 years ago sounds to me like the work of Ra Ta. Cayce's readings state that Ra Ta helped Hermes build the Great Pyramid recently my team has found an alignment between the Giza Pyramids and Gobekli Tepe (potbelly hill site). We have also discovered that a single human being from this area in Turkey is responsible for all of the blue and grey eyes in the world. Cayce said in his readings that it had been him tinkering with Human DNA in ancient Khmet, in a past life. I want to point out there is science behind what I am saying and that's exciting to me because I want to address the critics of E. C.'s prophecies about the future. First I want to remind them that many books were written about what Cayce said would happen in the late 1900's according to authors interpretations of the Cayce readings. I believe based on hard science that Cayce was talking about the periods from 2038 to 2058 and from 2058 to 2098. Having examined these Cayce readings in a forensic fashion I know E. C. often spoke of the years 58 to 98 with no mention of the century. I find that very interesting. If you consider every verse in the book of Revelations represents one Tarot card in the major arcana and one century of the current piscean age then the 20th card is Judgement. During this turbulent future time, according to Cayce, the Earth will slip on it's axis and the poles will shift to more tropical locations and the areas near the equator will warp more than 1/8000th of their current diameter thus parts of Atlantis will rise and parts of the U.S. and Europe will fall into the sea. My team and I have found the old equator and posted it's location to many Sites  We speculate that the earth will rebalance to this old golden age equator that lines up the most important ancient sacred sites in the world. Once this happens the age of Aquarius will truly begin. I want to remind anyone who cares about their descendants that the safety lands in the USA are Northern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio as well as the Southern portion of Central and Eastern Canada. (Good Day Hey)!

Southern Indiana and Northeastern Kentucky will be a lake after the New Madrid fault pops. California will be islands, Nebraska coast line and the East coast will be underwater in many areas. Remind your grandchildren!

the-visitor-god.php        Link to above  image  - The Horn's of Giza 

Below new Zept-Tepe Temple located on the alignment from the Bent Pyramid to the Red Pyramid  

Giza Plateau -  Quite possibly the location of the tomb of the visitor god. 

 Note how the doors on the Horn's site are the same and horse shoes around the main site are the same as well 

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Siberian Gold we located

 There is enough gold in Siberia to build many golden cities and so they did. It is said these cities are hidden in mystical valleys called Beylu's (Bay Loo's) Some may have been intentionally flooded or buried by the sands of the Gobi desert.  

I will be posting more about our discoveries in Mongolia and Russian Tibet.

Siberian Gold we located

    Our Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere 

17,000 feet high in the Andes there are lakes that we believe were once dorite mines for the city of Puma Punku. We were able to take the drawings of our remote viewers and dowse ley lines to locate the mines. Who could have mined these high altitude sites?  

 These Andes sites remind me of the Yonaguni site.