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Team Psychic Six was founded in 1991 to bring scientists, psychics and adventures together for the exploration of Paranormal events,Natural Vortexes,UFO sightings and to locate ancient sacred sites. Along the way that lead to the creation of other ventures.

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To Navigate an ancient caravan route, to walk the silk roads ribbon out, to cross unending fields of ice, standing on lonely mountain tops, searching for the valley of paradise - 2005

Merlian News: Patrick, you promised us you would get back to us with more information on dowsing and Radionics. 

Patrick: Yes I did. I have been busy dowsing a very large gold deposit in the heart of Russian Tibet. While working on this project it occurred to me that I should create a School of Radionics and Dowsing. I hope that part of profits from the 22 gold licenses in Russian Tibet might be given to a school. 

Merlian News: That sounds like an interesting project.Where would you locate this type of school?

Patrick: I guess I would have to get out my black box and dowse a good location for it! I am very interested in educating intuitively gifted children like my own daughter. I believe they are the future hope of the world. 

Merlian News: Well it sounds like Harry Potter might have some competition!Patrick: If it were up to me alone, I would gladly trade the tons of gold I located by dowsing in Russian Tibet, for a chance to build such a school.

Merlian News: Patrick, what is a black box and what is Radionics? 

Patrick: Radionics quite simply put, is the science of the vibration of light and thought. The word Radionics comes from the word radius which refers to the measure of string on a rotating pendulum. This type of device is used to intuitively measure the vibration of light emanating from objects. Radionics is also the ability with electronically enhanced devices to alter the biological growth of objects at a distance. By broadcasting light and thought linked together on a single carrier wave, atomic fields can be influenced. 

Merlian News: Are you saying that instead of asking nature spirits for help as was done in Findhorn Garden, that anyone using a black box can enhance plant growth?Patrick: Well if you are intuitive enough to operate a black box you can generate outstanding crop yields. We have had great results with soybeans and corn crops on large farms in the Midwest. Merlian News: It seems Dowsing and Radionics have many practical applications.

Patrick: I believe if a nexus can be found between Radionics and cooperating with nature spirits as they have at Findhorn Garden, then the growing population of the world could be fed for some time to come.

Merlian News: What about the medical applications of Radionics? 

Patrick: They are Vast! And very promising! 

Merlian News: Do your web site articles focus on teaching people to dowse? Patrick: Yes, I give away a lot of my secrets in hopes that parents might consider teaching their children to dowse and I even include instructions on building simple radionics devices.

Merlian News: How did you learn about building these devices? Patrick: Back in the early ‘90s I had remote viewed the fall of the Soviet Government and I shared this information with two oil company executives traveling to Russia.After my predictions proved accurate I was invited to Russia to dowse oil and gas deposits in Siberia near Tumen province.

Merlian News: This would have been after August of 1991?

Patrick: Yes. At that time in Moscow the KGB was having a huge going out of business sale on Psyonic and Radionic devices and I looked at lot of blue prints and devices.

My back ground in Radionics and my photographic memory help me to design superior solid state radionics devices of my own. Merlian News: Then were these the devices you used to dowse for oil and gold in Russia?Patrick: Yes, and I also used them to help unearth the Shambhalla culture but that is another story.

Patrick’s gifts help his clients overcome any obstacle. He lectures, teaches, and consults on a wide variety of topics that range from psychic training to remote viewing and back engineering future inventions. He is looking for a writer to help him chronicle his adventures as an American dowser and remote viewer in Russia during the fall of the Soviet Union. A novel format similar to the da Vinci Code would be preferred. Mr. Aesteii is also looking for an artist or photographer interested in working with him on a children’s book about dowsing.

To contact Mr. Aesteii for intuitive advice or other projects he can be reached at: