Below is a look at the Sacred Geometry I found in the Sedona Vortexes.  

The Sedona Vortexes are located on ley line super alignments that intersect on the site locations this makes them part of the Earth's Major Chakra System 

The Sedona Vortexes reminds me of the Seven Sisters star cluster could this have been reflected by Earth consciousnesses or advanced beings Terra forming the Earth.  

The important Native American Sites Serpent Mounds, Cahokia, and Sedona make a perfectly straight ley line across thousands of miles. 



Why have I studied the Sedona Vortexes for thirty years?
A time travel jump Bell Rock Sedona AZ 5/5 1992.
What I saw in the future was a dead planet and high ocean levels, right up to the top of Bell Rock and a white sky, it was hard to breath O2 were low. 5 minutes for me, three hours for the 8 people in Menkit's ballet troupe looking for me they all claimed to have walked past where I was located several times. John of God in Brazil, later that year, told me I was out of phase with the earth. Seems I came back to a slightly different universe . I had the Tunguska artifact with me when it happened. From what I now understand if you travel in time you can never go back to exactly where you left from only to a slightly different reality. Before jumping I was wishing for changes in my life and I then I thought I was having a heart attack when I jumped in time. I was quite healthy then and not at all under the weather. Perhaps it was just a vision but my friend and her dance troupe were really frantically looking for me and mad at me when they found me three hours later. I do not show up in the videotape of the Bell Rock Ballet after act one. I was watching from a rock ledge above. It was very real not like a dream. I watched the pennies I laid down on the hot rocks turn to dust and then the wind blew the dust away, I blacked out and came to in a different time but at the same location. I have thought about trying to time jump again from the same spot but I do not know if it would be a fortunate jump. I think it was a one way ticket. Looking at Washington D.C. these days I know I am in the twilight zone!