Pyramid of the Sun Bosnia

There are two alignments very close together that have very interesting exact locations. These alignments make a field of energy   larger than a normal alignment that is very interesting!                                                                 

                                                                                                           Alignment 1. - Exact                                                                           

                                 Medina, Saudi Arabia

Arish, Gaza Strip Egypt

Patomos- Greece (Revolations)

Medugorje, Bosnia ( Mother Mary) 

Smiljan, Croatia (Tesla's Birth)

Remis, France (Sun Kings Crowned)

Salisbury, England  (Stone Age Culture Hub) 

Alignment - 2. Line of Illumination

Exact : Aman at the Giza Xian crossing, 

Mt Carmel, 

Atlit Yam

Cyprus, Kumluca, 

Mt. Bey Daglari, 

Nazilli, Lesvos, 

Limnus at Atsiki, 


Lake Kerkini, 

Shtip, Oberstdorf+3W, 

Lake Constance, 


Verdon+1E, Stone Henge

                  Line of Illumination     

Atlit Yam  Stone Henge at Carmel

 This Super Alignment of geomagnetic anomalies and sacred sites may indicate where advanced souls are born. Much more on this topic to come! Jesus Merlin and Tesla born on the same alignment! (What?) 

A more detailed look at Alignment (2) :  

The Line of Illumination: 
I have many areas of interest to check out on this super alignment that may connect to the Grail, Cathars and Nazarenes in some way or an other.

The Ley line location groups a high incidence of Paranormal Events, Holy Events, Healing, Visits From Angels, Famous people born or that became famous on these lines, natural vortexes, ancient neolithic sites and UFO sightings.  
(Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Bosnia, Greece, Israel, Amman Jordan)  French Canada is not looked at yet in detail.
Limerick, Tipperary, Clonmel, Kilsheelan, Ballypatrick, Carrick on Suir, Fiddown, Piltwon, Kilmore Quay
Any Place I should take a closer look at? I love the Irish people and I would like to give them some bragging rights. 
Hays Castle, Teffgarne,Spittal, Llanddewi Velfrey, Laugharne, Kidwelly, Trimsaran, Penllergaer, Morristown, Llangynwyd, Maesteg, Cardiff, Timsbury, Westbury, Shrewtown, Findon, Amesbury, Winchester, Worthington.
Winchester, Amesbury and Cardiff standout to me. I have a Welsh Historian to help me with some of these locations.  

Pyramid in Albert France, Verdun, Saint Quetin, Rethel near (Reimes) ancient kings crowned.

There are lots of Neolithic sites in France near the line ( I am trying to Identify a star rising on a certain day of the year that rises on this line relative to the ley line location.) I am hoping these sites might give me clues.    
Germany :
Strausburg  (burg husen castle) Hornburg, Rotweil, Pfullendorf, Ravensburg, 
I am mostly looking at artifacts in museums and Castles near the alignment (Would your guides like to expand this topic?)
Innsbuck area 
The thought natural vortexes and UFO bases come to mind when I look at this area. (Would your guides like to expand this topic?)
Bosanska Otoka - ( I found a Pyramid mound on a River Island) Ugar Canyon, Sarajevo, pyramids (Sun, Moon, Dragon,) Kosovo, Orashac, Novo Selo, Iraklia, Orfani, Kariani

I wonder what is yet to be unearthed there should be a stone henge west of the pyramids. Who was buried there? Did Mary the Wife visit the pyramid site with the migrating Essenes? Did early Hebrews and Atlanteans who escaped to the Pyrenees have a connection with the people who built these Bosnian Pyramids?    


Islands : Liminos, Lesvos, Cyprus, Cities and sites Temple of Aphrodite near Kirkoy, Meteor Lake near Hirka, Balkica, Mt. Bey Dagal  

I think these Islands are full of undiscovered neolithic sites that have been tipped over for farming and used in construction projects.


Atlit - Yam Stone Henge, Mt. Carmel Nazarene Essences Who were these ancient and holy people who built Atlit Yam? what is it's connection to the stone henge in England and the Bosnian Pyramids? How were these people tied to the Essenes who lived at Mt. Carmel much later?  


The Giza Xian Pyramid Super Alignment of holy ancient sites crosses the Grail Illumination Line at Amman 

 Research Super Alignments of Earth Power Points & Sacred Sites on Google Earth!

                  Note: Ancient Wales