It's true there are star alignments in the Yucatan I have looked at those quite closely but look at the exact ancient site ground alignments and where they point. My research shows they point to an Atlantean underwater city located off the coast of Cuba! Thanks Fidel! Just like Health Care Remote Viewers are valued outside of the United States! The newly discovered hidden ancient sites we have found are located on the alignments in between the known sites.The Archaeologists and governments do not want you to know exactly where they are. Bottom line my discoveries prove the Yucatan was a part of Atlantis and all of these temples are much older than you are being told and you should be quite upset about the trash history you and your children have been taught in school. These are the same people that told you they sent men to the moon with 1969 tech. It's time for the truth to come out because global warming took out Atlantis and it will not be long before it gets us in the here and now.



 Team Psychic Six - We are a group of Remote Viewers - Scientists & Adventurers who search the world for the truth and Treasure ! 

It is important to note that Team Psychic Six works with governments and academics to locate ancient sacred sites but we are limited to giving advice in where and how to unearth ancient structures. This is based on Satellite Enhanced Remote Image Sensing S.E.R.I.S. and Remote Viewing as well as in the field Dowsing and the location of ley lines. Often we can predict and understand dragon lines which are curved lines ancient sites are located upon. This is done with our understanding of geomancy which was important to all advanced ancient cultures. Once these patterns have been predicted algorithms can be used to located areas for S.E.R.I.S. to scan and for our Dowsers and Remote Viewers to investigate. So although we have Archaeological expertise our mission is to locate not to dig. Often in giving information to governments and academics we are bound by nondisclosure which is quite frustrating because we would like to share what we know. But I do share our process which shows how many known ancient sites are connected by alignments thousands of miles long with an accuracy that could only be created with very advanced science.  So Dragon Lines and Ley lines are indeed maps that point to the ancient treasures of advanced cultures which are much older than what is expressed to the public. We often locate previously undiscovered ancient sites using our out of the box process to analyze the lines I discover . This is the basis for my opinions and theory on the origin of ancient cultures.        

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Percy Fawcett and his son Jack lead a first contact expedition to a UFO Base in the Beni. I believe they found it. 

                    The Lost City of  - Z -  

  El Dorado - Under Water UFO Base in the Beni

For the most part I am an easy going guy I certainly don't look for trouble. I look for ancient sites. You might think it's boring except for the exotic places you have to explore and the extreme methods that you use to get there. I leave the digging and spade work to other scientists. I thought it might be interesting to talk about a Team Psychic Six expedition which is not classified. I will cover some expedition basics as well as discoveries and the unorthodox methods we use to discover ancient sites.

Step 1. Motivation

Percy Fawcett has always been a hero of mine even before the Indiana Jones movies. His search for the lost city of (Z) held a fascination for me. So that's where I will start with the questions who was Percy Fawcett and why did he believe there was an advanced lost culture living in the Mato Grosso?

In this post I have included a link that covers the very basic background of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett. I do this to explain why I would risk my life in a God forsaken snake infested swamp filled jungle to find some evidence of a vast, ancient and lost empire. Percy's reasons and motivations were adopted by me long ago when I was young enough to idealize it all. Fawcett did all of his searching without modern equipment and this I would hope would inspire some of the younger generation to dare to find the truth. He hoped the study of Golden Age culture would inspire modern civilization to turn away from war and greed. I am sure he saw a day when Science and Spirituality could find common ground due his discoveries and he was willing to risk his life for his beliefs.

 Currently I am on Percy Fawcett's 1908, second expedition route heading down the Guapore river to the Richard Franco Hills that inspired A.C. Doyle to write the novel, "Land of the Lost" 

 Our Research shows Fawcett new about the upside down stairway a Sacsayhuaman Peru and had heard the indigenous stories handed down for countless generations of an advanced culture that lived under the lake and how it exploded out of the lake in a volcanic explosion perhaps triggered by the same event that destroyed or damaged the 22 Giza Plateau Pyramids. 

The 1953 Pegdras Negras UFO event near the Beni UFO base location made me believe an operational base like the Sacsayhuaman Base, still exists. I believe Fawcett had other evidence that this operational base existed as well.      

 Is there an under water UFO base near these lakes in the Beni Bolivia? Look at what evidence motivated me to explore the Beni with a Team Psychic Six forward exploration team.

Sir Walter Raleigh searched for an ancient golden city or three or four! Scared Site Alignments are helping!

In Photo -Patrick Aesteii (Asti) who founded Team Psychic Six as an international joint venture in 1991  

Are the descendants of the Adamu who served the Anunnaki? Did they Produce the food for Puma Punko complex?  

The Moxos culture existed at the same time as the Tiwanaku culture between 800 BC and 1200 AD. It was one of the largest hydraulic civilizations on Earth. It can be compared in size to the Egyptians, although they dominated only the Nile River while the Moxos moved among, and developed, hundreds of rivers, lakes, streams and lagoons, adjusting them to the needs of the people.


The Kenneth Lee Archaeological Museum of the Department of Beni opened its doors on 18 November 2002 and is itself built upon one of the Moxos' artificial hills. The building is circular and made of local materials. Outside the building you can see remnants of the local geography while inside you can learn about the singular cultural and religious characteristics of the Moxos peoples. The museum grounds contain specimens of local plant life, palm trees, tajibos and other flowers and plants typical of “Beniana” nature.

There are 4 wells that serve as replicas of the immense lakes the Moxos dug throughout what is now the department of Beni. They constructed thousands of square miles of hydraulic systems by hand!

Tourists who visit this museum are usually very surprised and greatly admire the history of this very developed culture. Today the descendants of the Moxos peoples still inhabit the region. 

Unfortunately,national education authorities have done nothing to include information about this culture in history books or education curricula; therefore few Bolivians and even fewer foreigners are aware that Eastern Bolivia rivaled Western Bolivia in cultural development. The hydraulic systems of embankments, furrows, channels, dikes and artificial hills were so extensive and there is evidence of agricultural production in such mass quantities, it is believed that at least 8 million Moxos inhabited the area as early as 800 years prior to the Christian era, that is to say, parallel to the most highly developed cultures of Northern Africa and Asia.

The museum contains aerial photographs of the extensive hydraulic systems that cover thousands of square miles on the plains of Beni. Tourists who can afford to would do well to hire a helicopter or small plane to do a flyover of the region. It is believed the Moxos culture died out due to climatic calamities such as excessively long droughts, at about the same time the Tiwanaku culture began to wane. One very interesting find is that the Moxos used stone tools made from materials not found in this area. This leads some scientists to believe they may have possibly exchanged or traded with the Tiwanaku culture, but this hypothesis has yet to be studied in depth.

The museum is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and does not close during the traditional midday “siesta” hours. On Saturdays it is open from 9 am to 1 pm. It is located 1.5 kilometers from the city center. Photography is allowed on the outdoor grounds but not indoors. For a city tour that includes this museum contact Moxos Tours.

Keep in mind the indigenous people and their guests are currently having contact with the Plasma beings. 2/10/2012

Patrick Michael Aesteii  

So what did you do today? Buy a Plane ticket and get down here! To the Beni! but remember Team Psychic Six was here first!  


Puma Punku and Adams Calendar two ancient Anunnaki locations both are very old sites. 

For 15 years Plasma UFO's have taken a nightly flight over Guajar'a/Mirim - Be patient the below video is in Portuguese the best is at the end of the video.   

Watch the entire video from the news team this is where we made our first contact with the ET's living in the area! (in 2011 after two years of trying) I do not endorse any ideas expressed in the videos below. They show that many others know what is going on and have their own ideas about what they are seeing every night in the sky.  

 At the end of the video note the UFO crossing sign

   A look at the indigenous people the Aliens contact

I have psychically located 36 UF0's in satellite photographs in one area of the Beni Bolivia and where there is smoke there is fire! What do the beam ships want in the Beni? Rare Earth metals? to protect the indigenous people? perhaps more?  

Photo below - Above Lakes with modified shapes

           The Descendants of the Moxos culture  

          A painting of the Beni's unending rivers  pictures of the same UFOs in Switzerland that are in the Beni  Howard Hughes, Tesla & Yoganonda  the city of Telios

Beni UFO 1953- UFO-related activity goes back to the early days of the contemporary UFO era. In November 1953, Pedro Serrate was walking along the banks of the Mamor- River in Bolivian Amazonia when he became aware of a discoidal object some hundred and fifty away from him. The thing's hull seemed to be made of a dark blue, glassy material. Curious, Serrate got closer to the craft and was able to catch a glimpse of its human-looking crew complement. When the uniformed humanoids caught off-guard, became aware of Serrate's presence, the vehicle rose silently into the air,

disappearing in a matter of seconds.
An early case involving a USO-UFO over a river took place on November 28, 1953, when Pedro Serrate was hunting along the banks of the Guapore river in Bolivia. Pedro saw the object some 50 meters (170 feet) from him and it approached to within 4 meters (14 feet) of his position, making no sound. The craft was disc-shaped and Serrate estimated its dimensions as 4 meters (14 feet) long, 2½ meters (9 feet) wide and 3 meters (7 feet) in height. The hull seemed to be made of some kind of material resembling glass and was supported by metal beams in the material. It was of a dark blue color and in the rear and on each side, there were curved tubes some (6 inches) thick which water was draining back into the lake. From the time he spotted the thing until it reached its nearest position to his location, it had circled around over the river just above the surface. When close, he noted six people, four of whom he assumed were men and two women, all of whom appeared no more than twenty years of age. The  crew appeared to be of a medium height and had blond hair and pink complexions. They all were dressed in uniforms which matched the color of  the ship, and when they became aware of Pedro's presence, the craft suddenly rose into the sky and swiftly moved out of view.

Recent UFO in the Beni. These links and my evidence support the fact that a major UFO base exists in the Beni Bolivia 

A UFO landing in a  Beni Lake at extreme magnetification

        Under this lake lies an advanced UFO Base!



                             THE BENI ORION

Near Beni UFO Base These may be vents of some type rising up from the base. Because nature is random why should these locations make straight lines like pipes would?  

 When and who modified this lake in the middle of the jungle? There is no industry or power plants in the area for thousands of miles. 

Close up modified Lake also near the Beni UFO base location. 

Satellite photo below - Beni - Bolivia

The same group of ET's  that are in the Beni are showing up all over the world

The 1st Video below shows UFOs that look like the satellite photos of UFOs I found in the Beni of Bolivia (Rods and Orbs) They validate what old satellite photos captured.  Some UFO's in the video are exactly like what is captured in the photos. These same Rods and Orbs have caught on video making crop circles.  - 2nd Below

       What we can not see in broad daylight

   How orbs released from a UFO create a crop circle 

Mountain Lakes 17000 ft high in the Andes that were mines by ET's for the temples of Peru that I have located  (The Search Part two )


Maya is a Buddhist term for illusion and it describes karma or that which we are blind to. Columbus noted when his ship anchored in the new world that natives could see the small landing boats as they came to shore but not his sailing vessel. Only the shaman could see his ship and a few natives who were taken on board. The Shaman had to work with the tribe members for about a month before they could see Columbus's sailing vessel.Today I think UFO's are like the invisible sailing vessel to most people. It's beyond their reality to comprehend. Satellites cameras do not have a perception  problem. I present colored orbs and a UFO captured in a sacred lake discovered by Team Psychic Six while searching for underwater pyramids. We have located over 40 orbs moving in the water the instant this photo was taken. I am working with some of you like a tribal shaman preparing you to see things beyond the limits of your perception. The truth can set some free and drive others insane. So I do not intend to move quickly but it's my intention to remove blindness ( maya) when I can. Some skeptics will use the methods of Niccolo Machiavelli to dispute me but it is my intention to drive them insane because they are holding the tribe back. The question is: Who is the 100th monkey and do they use social media? Sat Nam.

Above Cigar Shape UFO in above photo and flying near a Cigar UFO (magnified) below 

                         Could -Z-  Really Be?