S4 - Groom Lake the site of the Mexican Roswell all on the Alignment! 

 This is where Sir Walter would have liked to look had he a satellite. The Guapor'e is what the border river is called in Bolivia and Eldorado in Brazil. Near a lake in the El Beni of Bolivia that I believe meets the description from Raleigh's book on the Inca treasure. 

 Sr. Walter Raleigh, 1595 : 

The empire of is directly east of towards the sea, and lieth under the Equinoctual line, and it hath more abundance of  Golde then any part of Peru, and as many more great Cities then ever had when it flourished the most: it is governed by the same lawes, and the Emperour and people observe the same religion, and the same forme and pollicies in government as was used in, not differing in any part: and as I have beene assured by by such of the as have seene the emperill Citie of, which the cal el Dorado, that for the greatnes, for the riches, and for the excellent seate, it farre exceedeth any of the world at least of so much of the world as is knowen to the Spanish nation: it is founded upon a lake of salt water of 200 leaugues long like unto mare caspiu. And if we compare it to that of, and but reade the report of and others, it will seeme more then credible, and because we may judge of the one by the other,  I thought good to insert part of the 120 chapter of Lopez in his generall historie of the Indies, wherein he discribeth the court  and magnificence of , auncestor to the Emperour of... All the vessels of his home, table, and kitchen were of gold and silver, and the meanest of silver and copper for strength and hardness of the mettal. He had in his wardrope hollow statues of golde which seemed giants, and the figures in proportion and bignes of all the beastes, birdes, trees and hearbes, that the earth bringeth forth: and all of the fishes that the sea or waters of his kingdome breedeth. Hee had also ropes, budgets, chesters, and troughs of golde and silver, heape of billets of golde that seemed woode, marked out to burne. 


 /////////////5192.06 MILES  MARK 126 .47//////////////////////// Shauman's Line Heading and Distance   

     Some sites on the Super Alignment know as the Sh(AUM)an's Line 

Shauman's Line and the Lumerian Ring Discoverd and Published by Patrick Assesteii (Asti) 8/17/2010  So many sacred sites less than a degree off of an alignment that reaches from Mt. Shasta to Lake Titicaca. We are searching for other sites on the line including the golden city of el Dorado or (X) . Consider this Mt. Shasta and The Sedona Vortexes are radiation pollution free and they are the only two places in the USA that are. They are also the first two points on the super alignment I have named the Sh(AUM)an's Line.  

This Lumerian Alignments will show us where to look for their wisdom, archeological treasures and points of spiritual power.

Individual sites are showing alignments with the super alignments they run along. Even Vortexes with stellar alignments have been discovered that line up to the stars, just like the three stars in Orion's Belt line up with the three Giza Pyramids.

These Discoveries and many yet to be released have been Documented and Recorded in many official ways.

Could the alignments tell us where to look for yet undiscovered sites? Yes they already have! Dowse and Remote View the alignments! 

Good Hunting!

Ace'a!   (Patrick Aesteii)

The Pyramid at Chichen Itza's north east face points to La Venta. The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan's north east face has a heading to Chichen Ittza this makes a very interesting triange in Mexico! 

Thousands of miles of Scared Sites and Power Points aligned in a perfectly straight line. I can not twenty yards in a straight line! How did the ancients Know? How did they do it? Who did it?   The sites below line up in a perfectly straight line. Discovered by Patrick Michael Aessteii (Asti)  8/17/2010

Mt. Shasta http://www.egreenway.com/meditation/shasta.htm  

         Sedona http://www.sedona.net/webpage.php/swmc/webpagesandarticles/sedonavortexmap

                  Yucatan (La Venta) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Venta

                          Ipaza Guatemala http://sfruttiamo.splinder.com/post/22225821/ipaza-tra-olmechi-e-maya   (Google Chrome will Translate)

   Areas for future research and posting that are located on the line include Pyramid and Eagle Lake Nevada, Area 51, and Saltillo and La Acention Mexico  

It would appear that the 3rd and 4th dimension join up on the line in a precise and geometric way. The S.L. Angle is in the Giza Complex geometry. 


                        Southern Hemisphere

    Machu Picchu   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machu_Picchu 

           Lake Titicaca -  Tiatihuanaca -   http://www.s8int.com/water8.html

  Areas  for further posting and research that intersect the line include El Carmen, Balzar, Tarpoto ( Polish Petroglyphs), and Cuenca (8060 B.C.) Ecuador Oruro ( Mt.Uru) and Tarija  Bolivia  Tartgal Argentina.

  We are looking at the individual site orientations and comparing it to the angle of the shauman's line.  While engaged in this project we made an other discovery about the Sedona Vortexes.

  I will be putting up video's on my You tube Channel on each of these locations  www.youtube.com/user/pat00asti?feature=mhum


 The lay out of Teotihuacan (The City of the Sun) and the Chichen Itza Pyramid line up and intersect very near the Cape Verde Islands which would have been the old mountains looking down on the low lands of Atlantis. 

Easter Island, Nazcas Lines and Machu Picchu make an intersecting line at the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Morocco. The Statues of Easter Island all point to the interior of the Island except at one location, Rano Raraku near the holy volcano the statues face with an alignment to the lines of Nazca and Machu Picchu and on across the nation of Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean all the way to The Cape Verde Islands. Below is a Photo of a Sacred Site on the above described alignment that we have discovered in Brazil (a marker right on the alignment)! There is More, If you draw alignments through Mt. Shasta and Sacred Sites in the Yucatan and then once more through the Volcano on the big Island of Hawaii and cross Power points, and Sacred Sites in South America . 

All three super alignments intersect at the Dragon Marker shown below.  How could 12,000 miles of straight lines intersecting at a 100 meter newly discovered Sacred Site maker not be significant?

Two super alignments also intersect at the Cape Verde Islands.

What's going on?  

 An advanced or extraterrestrial civilization might have wanted to speak to us in the future through the language of navigational geometry, a universal langauge.   


 The greatest Super Alignment, one of hundreds discovered by Patrick and Team Psychic Six  video play lists on the sites - Sh(Aum)an's line http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=5131F4080E892831  

Easter Island - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=EA75F6DCB38B1B3A

The Sh(AUM)an's Line & Super Alignments 


Video's on locations along the alignment and about the 2012 connection!

The Sh(AUM)an's Line is like the Road to Shamballa!   A new location on the Sh(aum)an's line - Coyame Mexico site of the Mexican Roswell Event! Exact line placement!

Area 51 and the Mexican Roswell location, why do UFO's like the Shauman's Line so much? 

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