The Visitor God of Giza

    Hermes Thoth Osiris - The Visitor God

As strange as it seems there is good evidence Edgar Cayce 's  information about the pyramids and ancient Egypt was confirmed in 1961 by the KGB in a project that unfolded on the Giza Plateau called project ISIS.  The Visitor God left us a cryptic message, in his own words and I off a link to the many translations of that message

Below I will present KGB film of the opening of the Tomb of the Visitor in 1961 and a documentary on the Russian research that I believe supports Cayce's predictions exactly.  These are my conclusions not the KGB's
Their conclusions  were lacking any knowledge of the vast amount of information on the subject given by Edgar Cayce on the topic.  - The Link Edgar Cayce reading 1932 

Photos below the on going research of Team Psychic Six - index.php in locating the Tomb of the Visitor.
Team Psychic Six will share publically any discoveries that we make about the location of the Giza Orion that points to the Home of the Visitor in the sky and the tomb of the visitor on the ground buried under the sands of the Giza Plateau.  

Love us or hate us we will share what we find publically on the topic of ancient Egypt  and we are using psychics , scientists and experts on the ground to look at ley lines, remote viewing, satellite enhanced remote image sensing and dowsing to dig up the truth !

What was left in Egypt (Kemet) 12,500 years ago was left for those of us living now so that we can change our future!     

Patrick Aesteii (Asti) - Founder Team Psychic Six

TEAM PSYCHIC SIX  - GIZA RESEARCH  I am not going to explain it all now ((that's what books are for)), but I want you all to know we are hot on the trail of the tomb of the Visitor  God of Giza! I want you to know who that was and why it's important to humanity that we grow up and understand we are not alone in the universe and that not all ET's are bad!

At least one being has been working on behalf of humanity under many different names for a very long time.

I will talk more speak more on this most interesting topic later! I think there may be as many as five Orion ET's working on behalf of humanity. 


  The Horns of Giza at the tip of the sword of Orion's Belt M42

    The Orion Star -Saiph ABU ROWASH - pyramid photo below

          The Heliopolis Obelisk represents the Star Sirius 

                                                     The Home Real of the Anunnaki

I will not go into the details of the similarities between ancient Egyptian and Sumerian histories of the time of Zep tepi (Golden Age) in Khemt (Egypt) know as (THE DARK LAND).

                                                    The 5th Hour of AM TUAT in the sky!

Although I should say some of this information made it's way into the Old Testament of the Bible. Where I read it as a child and felt filled with awe and wonder.  Certainly by it's self the Great Pyramid was a great feat of engineering and one that has been studied an intense way. The more humanity learns and discovers about the universe the more mankind discovers encoded in the Great Pyramid with artifacts, math and geometry. But what about the 21 other super massive million plus ton pyramids built with 200 ton blocks that were made from a stone almost as hard as diamond, which are located on the Giza Plateau? Most people only know of three and one being the Great Pyramid. These are the belt pyramids and part of the constellation Orion brought down to earth by ancient builders who looked to the star filled sky and missed their home. As to the age of these 22 pyramids, evidence shows there was once a great Tsunami wave that hit with such power it damaged and destroyed some of these massive structures and covered advanced ancient cities, that had populations in the millions, with the sands of time. This event pushed the Nile river eight miles to the East. Fore once it's ancient shores touched the edge of the pyramid complexes. I would describe this wave as a flood of biblical proportion.  12,500 years ago the remnant peoples of the once great Atlantis rediscovered these monuments as the seas resided and settled in Egypt because they knew there would be another great event that would destroy their beloved islands in the Atlantic ocean yet leave most of Egypt safe. These were the people of (Set) (the Atlantians) who joined the people of (Horus) the (Sumerians) in Khmet in hopes of surviving a comet impact. They wanted to create a monument for future ages of mankind that would share their wisdom even tell mankind something important about his future. So they repaired and enlarged the Great Pyramid and added the Sphinx as a clock, with hidden records of all Atlantian civilization had accomplished, to guard the times of the ages until they would return in our time in new human bodies as modern man. These last Atantians knew from there history that the 22 massive pyramids had been destroyed by a crustal displacement event that moved the continent of Antarctica South to it's current location. If you do not believe me ask Charles Hapgood and Albert Einstein about it! To sum this up the age of the 22 massive Giza plateau pyramids is older than 30,000 years because 30,000 years ago the earth shifted on it's axis creating a new equator this left the once great Atlantis only a few islands to call home. 

Giza 22 pyramid Star Map! The road through the stars home! 
I see it my minds eye this planet in the star system of the Anunnaki looking somewhat like Superman's home world of Krypton perhaps when these beings arrived on earth due to there technology and the power of our your star they became like gods for a time.   
The Giza Plateau is a star map and our latest research, independent of what other researchers think, is detailed in our earth and sky maps below. I share this documented information that can be forensically traced back to this post. Because you saw it here first. It is important that people know the true history of humanity. The Giza Plateau represents the 5th hour of Am Tuat a part of the sky described in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. The 22 major pyramids built on the Nile represent a line of stars, star clusters and galaxies laid out along the ancient shore of the Nile river which has moved eight miles to the East since the pyramids were built. To understand the significance of my photographs it helps to have some knowledge of the Anunnaki and ancient Egyptian legends about the tree of life. I have found a place of origin recorded in a hieroglyphics and a million tons of super hard really large pyramid stones. A location in the stars much like our own Sun. Maps stones and stars do not lie. Governments and the scientists working for them present falsehoods about the origin of mankind. We are not alone in the multiverse and life on earth did not begin here. If humanity can survive the next few years we will begin to know the truth and enter into a golden age. May I inspire you and give you hope, fore the ancients did not want us to fail so they drew us a huge map and filled it with clues. Pictures truly are worth thousands of words! The Stars named after the leaders of the Anunnaki, Enlil, Anu, and Ea point the way home. I believe there star was dying and they needed a new home. The Elder race of man went into the stars and seeded many other races in star systems with yellow stars including those who live on the other side of the Pleiades.
 I discovered how the belt pyramids at the Giza Complex point to Gobekli Tepe meaning Tepe is older than the pyramids. The People of Horus the Sumerian's Who's king Arat (Noah's Mountain) -  who buried, the then already ancient monuments, at Gobekli Tepe some 12,500 years ago in sand to protect them from the coming flood. Before they moved to safety lands in Egypt.
The old Equator that Edgar Cayce, Albert Einstein and Charles Hapgood knew about. and I discovered that the (Wall of the Crow) at the Giza Great Pyramid Complex sets exactly where the old equator was at it's exact orientation! My God the brilliance of these people! They were the Atlantians, the people of Set who were described as Seth the son of Adam in the Bible.